blueflops is a two floppies Linux distribution with a graphical web browser ("links" using svgalib) and an IRC client (rhapsody).
See the features for more details.

The kernel version is 2.6.18-ck1 with almost all of the Ethernet drivers and PPP support (for dial-up connections).
The C library is uClibc-0.9.26, busybox-1.1.0-pre1 is slightly modified, the kernel image is compressed with UPX-2.02 .
You will be able to use HTTPS thanks to OpenSSL.
One of the neat features is the configuration procedure. The scripts are all accessible by a 'setup' script, and have a nice 'dialog' front-end. Once the setup is completed the configuration can be saved, loaded, erased, its name changed (you get the picture...).

Minimum requirements:
-i386 processor
-16 MB RAM (OK, you can use it with 8 megs and swap space if you're desperate)

Installation procedure:
-run './install.sh' - on a serious OS, 'install.bat' on DOS, Windows
-write "blueflops 1" and "blueflops 2" on the floppies
-boot the first floppy and insert the second one when prompted
-use the forum to share impressions and to make suggestions

Help appreciated with:
-feature requests and bug reports on the forum