The latest release:
blueflops-dev-2.0.14.tar.bz2 - this is the development environment

Full changelog

Please provide translations of using the charset Latin-9 [ISO 8859-15] (this is an extension of Latin-1 [ISO 8859-1], so if you use Latin-1 it would be just fine), Latin-2 [ISO 8859-2], cp1251 or KOI8-R. If you must use any other charset please specify it and I'll put the necessary console font into the distro.

Translators, please keep the addressing informal.

These are the translations available for now:
- Dutch -
- Finnish -
- French -
- German -
- Portuguese (brazilian) -
- Romanian -
- Russian -
- Spanish -

You can find older releases here, at the SourceForge

Read the "README" file in the distribution directory and follow the instructions. It should be pretty easy to install, configure and use.
Have fun!